Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ethan's Winter Hat 2017

We have been doing some camping, and since we are 'off the grid' there, I wanted to bring something to DO while the rest of the family is off doing hiking etc. I can't join them because of my RA but I don't want to stay home, either.

I thought I'd bring along some loom knitting, as I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air & sunshine - while still accomplishing something. It will be time for winter hats soon - so I thought I'd start with Ethan's. He is always the most appreciative of my knitting, and loves that I will make him a BLUE hat. Ethan (age 4) loves blue.

I saw this amazing Brioche Stitch Hat on Pinterest, which took me to Tuteate's YouTube channel. I often say "God Bless the people on YouTube who share their talents with the rest of us" and this is certainly one of those times. I'm loving this Brioche stitch and the hat is working up quickly. I will post the link below.

Here is the start of Ethan's hat:

I'm not crazy about the cast-on edge, I think I will do a crochet cast-on with the next one, but since I like to do a single crochet border around the brim of my hats anyhow, this one will be fine.

Click HERE to see the tutorial.

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