Monday, December 5, 2016

Ethan's Winter Hat 2016

Hello friends

Ethan let me know his winter hat was too small, so when he came for a sleepover we went through my yarn stash. Ethan likes blue. Just blue. I didn't think I had any solid blue, and at that point getting shopping with my painful knees was out of the question. I was going to talk him into a blue/brown variegated when we spotted this teal in the bin.

Ha - close enough to just BLUE to make him happy so I got to work. Then we went to Arizona for a couple of weeks, where I had a health his-cup and needed to recover when we got home. But the c-c-c-cold was forecasted to hit today so I got his hat finished and to him yesterday.

When it was finished, I did a row of single crochet around the brim. For some reason I decided to do a rib stitch brim even though I'm rarely happy with them. Of course that makes it a little too stretchy for his head - bah. Maybe when we babysit next week I can take out the single crochet row and add another one skipping a stitch every so often to tighten it up a little.

I did the same stitch I've been doing on my hats, I think it's called the Hurdle Stitch.  It's a 4 row pattern, Rows 1 and 2 are knit (I e-wrap) across, Rows 3 & 4 are Knit 1 (I e-wrap) Purl 1 across.

The top was gathered neatly using Jeannie Phillip's cast off ... you can search YouTube for that video. I've done it enough times that I don't have to go hunting for it to see how she does it - but it's brilliant and makes such a nice flat top.

I used a 51 peg CinDWood loom and Bernat Chunky in teal.

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  1. So glad to see you post again! I really do enjoy your looming projects! I just picked up looming myself, mainly for hats, but haven't gotten around to completing one yet! Thanks for sharing your projects!
    -Trish in CO

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Good luck with your looming.

  2. Would it be possible for you to share your patterns? I really like them and am new to loom knitting thank you !!

    1. Hi - I don't have hat patterns. I knit a brim in whatever stitch I feel like at the time, what yarn I want to use determine what loom I will use, then for the body of the hat I use whatever stitch I feel like. I do list the stitch sequences I've used with most of the hats I've posted. You can certainly do a Google search for free loom patterns, and there are some other blogs linked on the right that you can look at. Have fun looming!