Thursday, December 15, 2016

Alma's Winter Hat

Good morning!

Well little Alma is growing, as healthy newborns should do - and she was ready for the next size up hat.

I used the same yarn combo as in the previous post - it's just further down the variegated portion of the yarn.

Instead of the 'Hurdle Stitch' that I've been using lately, I did a different stitch sequence. It doesn't show up really well on such a tiny hat but I will try it the next time I'm going to make a hat.

It's a two row sequence ... "E-wrap two pegs, then Purl one peg" all the way around. I used a 36 peg CinDWood loom, so with the even number of pegs the above sequence brought me back to where I started. The second row is "Purl 1 peg, then E-wrap two pegs" all the way around. You could play with this too, E-wrapping 3 pegs instead of two. If you chose to try this with an odd-numbered loom you will have to figure out a different sequence on the second row so the stitches move the same.

And here she is ... all 6 lbs 3 oz of her.  Love.

The whole family met for breakfast last weekend, and Olivia saw Alma's hat and she was amazed that it looked just like hers minus the crochet flower.

I don't have any real knitting needs right now, so putting the looms away until the New Year. I think Kelsey might be using Ilai's blue and green stroller blanket for Alma, so if she would like one with some PINK I'll loom knit Alma one. I think Kelsey might be getting overwhelmed by the amount of pink in the baby clothes though, so that's why I'll ask first.

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