Friday, March 11, 2016

Ethan's Hat

Good morning friends

Today for Finished Friday, I'm sharing the hat I made for Ethan.

I used the green Knifty Knitter (36 peg loom) and three strands of Bernat Softee Babee held as one. I used the Navajo method to do this easily, and needed the bulk because of using the larger gauge loom. Actually I made Ethan's hat before Olivia's and wasn't overly happy with the bulk of it when it was done. That's why I switched to the CinDWood loom for Olivia's hat (posted last week).

I used what I think is called the Hurdle Stitch, which is Rows 1 and 2 (Knit - I used the Ewrap stitch), Rows 3 & 4 (Knit 1 Purl 1 across). You can see below where I goofed up but I decided it actually looked kind of neat so I left it as is. If anyone knows who created this stitch sequence, please leave me a comment and I will edit the post to give them proper credit.

Jeannie Philips cast off method (search YouTube) is my favourite for hats, so I did it here to reduce the bulk on the crown.

Here are the kids on our front porch with their new hats!  (Zachary got one too, but he isn't in the photo. I'll post his hat another day.)  I decided Ethan's should be a bit longer, so I ended up doing a row of double crochet around the brim for him.

Me:  "Ethan - do you like your new hat?"

Ethan:  "YES!"

Me:  "Why do you like your new hat?"

Ethan:  "Because it's BLUE!!!".

Love that kid.  :-)

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