Saturday, October 3, 2015

Olivia's Rainbow Hat

Good morning friends

I've made hats for each of the Grandkids, and this is Olivia's. She will tell you she likes Pink and Purple, but I adored the colours in this rainbow yarn and wanted to use it. I knitted the hat with one strand of ICE yarn in Magic Light (a # 3 weight) and one strand of Bernat Softee Baby (a #3 weight)  in baby  pink, which bumped up the pink factor. I held both strands together and knit as one throughout the hat. The loom is a CinDWood 44 peg round loom.

Once again I used what I'm calling the 'Hurdle Stitch'. That is Rows 1 and 2 Ewrap, Rows 3 & 4 Knit 1, Purl 1 across. I started that after doing a garter stitch brim.

I did crochet a little doubled flower, but for some reason didn't take note of where I found the pattern for that. It's possible I just played around with the stitches until I found ones I liked. For the flower though, I only used the ICE yarn to keep it more delicate.

Even though it was warm outside, when I gave the kids their hats, Olivia and Ethan wanted to wear them immediately. We took them down to the ponds behind our house, where they love to throw rocks into the water. A dragonfly must have thought Olivia's hat looked pretty inviting, because a large one landed there! It flew away as soon as I took the photo and we told Olivia about it. She was amazed until we showed her the photo on my iPhone, then she was madly swiping at her head saying 'get if OFF, get it OFF'. :-)  Love that kid.

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