Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finished Lightweight Cowl

Good morning friends

I am so glad I decided to block my cowl - it opened up the stitches and it lays so much nicer. I used an iron and a damp towel to block, in case you are wondering.

It matches the hat (click HERE) perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Karen, I love this Cowl. It is just beautiful. Thanks for letting us know how you blocked. I tried that one on a scarf but didn't know if I was actually doing it right. I also went to your June posting for the Montery Lime Hat and scarflette. Gorgeous. Thank you again for telling us in on your pattern and the way you cast off. I will certainly try this pattern real soon and will change to your style of casting off immediately. I really enjoy seeing all of your creations. So glad I found you. Have a creative day.

  2. I've been knitting for years but just started on loom knitting. Do you have a pattern for this cowl. It's terrific. I really like how this looks so soft and the drape is great

    1. Hi Cindy ... I don't have a pattern for the cowl, but you can look at this post ( ) to see how I started it. Looks like I did 5 pegs of garter stitch at each end, and for the centre e-wraped 3 pegs and skipped a peg across. You can make this as wide as you wish, depending on the loom you choose. That first post gives you an idea of the yarn I used as well, which adds to the drape of the cowl. It's so nice and light - perfect for cooler days without being too bulky. Good luck with your project!