Sunday, August 9, 2015

Purple Pagosa Springs Scarf

Good morning friends

I actually finished my second Pagosa Springs scarf (a Dayna Scoles pattern from Etsy) awhile ago - but getting the pictures onto my computer and water marked proves to take longer than the actual loom knitting. Sheesh.

I blocked the scarf using an ironing board with a damp towel and an iron and the lacework really opened up and made the scarf large enough for an adult! I initially thought it might be for our Granddaughter, since she 'loves pink and purple' but now I'm going to give it to our eldest daughter for her birthday next month.

The yarn was really fine and I love that you can get such a lacy look with a simple ring of plastic. Thank you Dayna Scoles for such a nice pattern!

After I took the photos, I decided I didn't like the white tee shirt in them so took a few more pics with a black tee.

 I still found the decrease end was going to be shorter than the front end though. This is not an error in the pattern by any means, I think it's just the way the stitches fall. At least the way I loom knit! I added an extra row - maybe a total of 4 throughout the decreases - where I didn't decrease at all and that helped keep the two sides the same length.

Will I make this pattern again? You BET! I already have my yarn and as soon as I am finished the Grandkids new winter hats, I'll be starting another one.

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