Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Pagosa Springs Scarf Progress

Thought I'd share how well my newest Loom Knitting project is coming along ...

I had a bit of a hiccup, when I was about 1/4 done and found the first loop had jumped off it's peg several rows previous. I tried frogging the project back to where I thought the loop should go but I wasn't positive and didn't want to mess up the pretty pattern with an obvious row error. So I frogged the whole thing and started again.

It was worth it though, as the pattern rows clicked in my brain and it made the project go faster the second time around.

You add a stitch every other row in the pattern, so you can see I only have 3 more pegs left (6 rows) before I am half way finished and can start the decrease. I'm loving this Dayna Scoles pattern and already planning which yarn I will use to make it again. I'm thinking it will also make a lovely Christmas gift for a friend!

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