Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Matching Hat is finished!

Since I've been down with the flu for over a week, I haven't had hardly any playtime this holiday. Usually I get to sit and knit and make cards and just play. However, last night hubby was at a hockey game so I pulled out my loom knitting and finished the hat I started a few weeks ago.

I had a lot of yarn leftover from my Lacy Cowl (CLICK HERE to see that) so wanted to make a hat to match. It turned out really good - I'm so happy with it! And it's super comfortable ... not necessarily that warm because the yarn is so thin, but perfect for cool days.

I do not use a pattern as I tend to just wing it when I make hats. I did a couple of rows of single crochet around the brim as I like the way it looks.

I used the CinDWood 59 peg hat loom, and Bernat Mosiac in the colour Medusa for the hat (and lacy cowl).

Thanks for stopping by.