Monday, November 24, 2014

Lacy Cowl - Work in Progress

Please don't fall over, but I'm back wing a new WIP.  I have a new winter jacket, which is Burgundy, and I don't have a single scarf or cowl to match it. What'a a loom knitter to do, but make herself a new one!

I knew I wanted something with an open stitch, but it couldn't be too complicated as I haven't loom knit in a very long time. Also, I'm on some pretty serious meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and my brain is fuzzy.

My pattern books are still packed from the move and I have NO idea which pile of boxes they are in. So I turned to Pinterest and discovered a YouTube video by Theresa Higby. She has created some new stitches and her Rainfall Stitch sounded perfect!

I chose a pretty variegated yarn that will go with my new coat as well as other's in my closet.

I have to admit I've struggled a little with the stitch, but I almost have my groove back. There were some issues with stitches hopping off the pegs on the 2nd and 4th rows in the sequence, which I solved with small elastics.

It's turning out so pretty ... I'll post pictures when it's finished, along with more details.

Thanks for stopping by.

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