Friday, November 28, 2014

Finished Lacy Cowl

Today for Finished Friday, I have my Lacy Cowl to share! I finished it a few minutes ago and took pictures with my phone so I could get them uploaded right away.

I love how it turned out. It was the perfect project to get me back looming again! It looks really nice with my new coat too ... I may have to make a matching hat next as I have lots of yarn leftover.

I used Theresa Higby's Rainfall Stitch (which you can find by clicking HERE for her YouTube video) and the All In One Loom.  I used every peg, but did not knit in the round. It is a flat panel and I stitched the ends together to form a loop.  My only regret is that I didn't do a mobius twist before I stitched them together as it would hang so much nicer.

Theresa's description of the stitch pattern is that it is an "E-wrap and Purl Drop Stitch".  The pattern is made up of 4 rows, so for this cowl I loom knit 6 full repeats then two rows into the next repeat. Then I did a row of e-wrap 1, purl 1 then cast off.  The ends were seamed together then I did a single crochet border along both edges.  This colour (Medusa) is so cheerful and bright - and I like it much better in a finished project even than in the skein.

Don't look too closely - there are a few mistakes. But they don't show up with the lacy stitch and it's all part of become reacquainted with my looms.

Onto the next project ... my son and girlfriend visited Scotland last fall and brought me home a skein of hand spun merino. I thought there might be enough for a hat, but now that I'm rolling it into a ball I think there is going to be enough for an Infinity Scarf!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's brilliant! Picking out the yarn is the hardest part of my projects, but the yarn you picked is lovely....

  2. Karen, I love the cowl. It looks great. Thanks for the plug.

  3. I'm new to loom knit will this cowl roll? It's beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I had no trouble with the edges rolling but I did also add a crochet border around each edge. If you only knit (or e-wrap) your edges will always curl. You need to add purl stitches to keep it from curling. Many people do a garter stitch edge (one knit stitch, one purl stitch, repeat) to keep it from curling. I'm sure if you do a Google search on how to prevent knit edges from rolling you will find more information.