Monday, October 7, 2013

Finished Fluffy Cowl

I  just finished a soft, fluffy cowl so wanted to share.  Because we had out of town guests, I wanted something that I could work on during road trips and still be albe to participate in conversation (no, I wasn't driving).  The first pictures show the cowl fresh off the loom ...

I love a single row pattern, and this one made it easy to keep track of where I was on each row. 

Karen's Single Row Cowl:

Crochet Cast on 15 pegs

For each row, slip the first stitch, E-wrap 2 pegs (do not knit off), and purl 2 pegs. Repeat across the row - you will end each row by E-wrapping the final two pegs. (When you don't knit off the loops on the E-wrapped pegs, if you get distracted by beautiful scenery or a fun conversation you can always see where you are on the row!)  When your row is finished simply knit off the pegs with two loops on them. Continue until your cowl is as long as you wish ... mine was 31" long.

Cast off and join the cast-off edge to the cast-on edge to form your cowl.

This stitch pattern makes a fabric that is similar on both sides, which is nice - and it doesn't curl!  Here are the pictures of the cowl finished. 

I have started on an oatmeal hat for my cousin (a special order) but I am not happy with how it bound off. I have to frog it and get it back on the loom for some decreases or whatever fix I can come up with. It looked SO good until I did the gathered bind off and I really want to make it work.

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  1. I love love love this pattern! Perfect pattern for those long car trips!

    1. Thanks - I hope you get good use out of the pattern!

  2. How did you join the two opposite sides of the piece to create the cowl? was it whip stitched to finish the cowl?

  3. Hi Renee - yes, I joined the two ends together with a whip stitch.