Sunday, October 20, 2013

White Spiral Hat with Removable Flower

Today I wanted to share the finished hat I made for my cousin. She requested a white hat with a white flower.  It was knit in the round, using the green Knifter Knitter loom which has 36 pegs.

For yarn I used two strands throughout ... Red Heart held together with Bernat Baby Coordinates.  The Bernat Baby Coordinates has a bit of shimmer, so the hat is not just a 'flat' white. That strand catches the light and is very pretty!

The brim was done alternating rows of E-wrap and purl, then I started on the 'spiral' portion of the hat. There might be an official way to do this, but I did not have a pattern I just did my own thing. I'll describe the steps at the bottom of the post.

If you click HERE, you will get to the page of crochet flower patterns, and I made THIS one. (Click on the words to be taken to the site).  I used an 'F' crochet hook and only the Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn for the flower, and a pearl button from my stash. I attached the flower to the hat with a small safety pin, so she can move it around or wear it without.

Karen's Spiral Hat 

Notes - all Knit stitches are 'e-wrap'.
Do not knit off the e-wrapped pegs as you go - wait until the end of the row.
For the body of the hat you will not be paying attention to the starting peg, as your starting peg will move over one peg to the right with each row.  I tend to knit in the round COUNTER CLOCKWISE. If you knit clockwise, you will have to adjust accordingly.

Once you have your brim the width you want it you can start on the spiral pattern:

1.  E-wrap FOUR pegs (remember not to knit off) and purl the next peg.  *E-wrap 3 pegs and purl 1* across the loom until you have only 3 pegs remaining. You will know you only have 3 pegs left because you didn't knit off the loops on the first 4 pegs!

2.  Now go ahead and knit off all the pegs with 2 loops on them.

3.  E-wrap those final 3 pegs and purl the next one.  Knit off the e-wrapped pegs.  You are finished your first row! Notice how now the starting peg for the next row has moved over one peg?

Repeat steps 1 - 3 until your hat is the length you want it then bind off using a gathered bind off.

I usually decrease the last couple of rows by moving the loop on every 6th peg (if the yarn is really bulky) to the peg next to it. Either side, it doesn't matter but I am consistent and do them all in the same direction. If the yarn isn't too bulky, I'll do every 3rd peg or every 4th peg. I just play this by ear. I'll continue with the e-wrap stitch (ignoring the pegs with no loop on it) for another couple of rows then do a gathered bind off. I don't have a set number of rows as it changes with what yarn I use.

It's an easy pattern ... I used it for my cousin's 2nd hat as well (which I'll post next week).


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Thursday, October 17, 2013

White Hat WIP

Oh, it's been awhile since I've posted - things have been hectic with Thanksgiving etc. Tonight I did manage to get the oatmeal hat opened up, frogged back and put back on the loom.

Edited Oct 19th ... Sorry, I should be doing posts late at night when I'm tired.  The pictures in this post are of the WHITE HAT I'm making for my cousin as a special order. I'll post pictures of the OATMEAL hat next week. Sheesh.

I will give more information on the stitch sequence I'm using on the hat with my next post.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Finished Fluffy Cowl

I  just finished a soft, fluffy cowl so wanted to share.  Because we had out of town guests, I wanted something that I could work on during road trips and still be albe to participate in conversation (no, I wasn't driving).  The first pictures show the cowl fresh off the loom ...

I love a single row pattern, and this one made it easy to keep track of where I was on each row. 

Karen's Single Row Cowl:

Crochet Cast on 15 pegs

For each row, slip the first stitch, E-wrap 2 pegs (do not knit off), and purl 2 pegs. Repeat across the row - you will end each row by E-wrapping the final two pegs. (When you don't knit off the loops on the E-wrapped pegs, if you get distracted by beautiful scenery or a fun conversation you can always see where you are on the row!)  When your row is finished simply knit off the pegs with two loops on them. Continue until your cowl is as long as you wish ... mine was 31" long.

Cast off and join the cast-off edge to the cast-on edge to form your cowl.

This stitch pattern makes a fabric that is similar on both sides, which is nice - and it doesn't curl!  Here are the pictures of the cowl finished. 

I have started on an oatmeal hat for my cousin (a special order) but I am not happy with how it bound off. I have to frog it and get it back on the loom for some decreases or whatever fix I can come up with. It looked SO good until I did the gathered bind off and I really want to make it work.

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