Sunday, August 25, 2013

WIP - Mobius Shawl

Hello friends and followers!

I know, I know - it's been a l-o-n-g time since I posted. I've been busy with summer stuff I guess, and not all that interested in loom knitting. Like most things, I have to feel inspired or it just doesn't work out.

I'm inspired now though, and have a Work In Progress to share today ...

Look how pretty the pattern is!  I'm making the Mobius Shawl by Anne Bipes, in the book "Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms".  This is a book I have had for a very long time, and I have wanted to try this pattern out since I got the book!  Finding this pretty yarn on clearance was the kick in the pants my mojo needed to get going ...

I have my yarn in the dollar store basket, threaded through one of the holes. That keeps the yarn from jumping and bouncing around and picking up dog hair. I'm also keeping my looming tool in the basket ON the kitchen table so Jasper can't get it.   :-)

The project is knitting up quite quickly - but I'm not entirely sure I have enough yarn. Fingers crossed!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mom's Short Poncho

I finished my Mom's poncho, and quickly took these pictures with my iPhone so I could give it to her right away. 

When we talked about colours, she said she wanted something pink, and bright ... something with COLOUR.  I think this yarn, Charisma in the colour Chocolate Cupcake fit the bill perfectly. 

 LOVING the stitch sequence too ... as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I did 2 rows of Brenda Myer's 'Double Flat Knit' stitch, 1 row of 'Yarn Overs' and a row of Purls.  I found the piece needed the purl rows to prevent curling.  In fact I loved the pattern so much, I have another one started! I left it out at our cabin though, and will work on it when we are out there. I'm using a #1 weight for that one, so it's going to take awhile to finish.  This Charisma yarn is a #5 weight, so there is quite a difference.  I'll take pictures the next time we are there, when you can actually see the fabric below the bottom of the loom.

She can wear it as an asymmetrical poncho, or turn the seam to the front and wear it when watching TV to keep her arms cozy warm.  I think these would be a wonderful gift to make for someone in the hospital, too.  You can turn the neck edges over to form a bit of a collar when you wear it this way. 

Now I know I'm going to get questions as to how I made this, so here is a quick explanation.

Short Poncho, by Karen Aicken

You basically knit a long rectangle - similar to a shawl. How long you make it, and how wide you make it is up to you, your size, how wide your shoulders and or bust are, what yarn you use, and what loom you use.  Each one I've made has different measurements and uses different stitch pattern and sequences.  Cast off when you are happy with the length. It's helpful to drape it from one shoulder to the other to get a feel for how long you want it, and keep adding length until it feels right.

Lay your rectangle right side facing up, with the long edges at the top and bottom. The cast on edge is on one side and the cast off edge on the opposite.  Now, fold the rectangle in half by bringing the cast on edge over to the cast off edge.  Seam the two pieces together, from the TOP CORNER to about half way across. NOTE ... You are leaving the cast on and cast off edges free, only catching that top corner of both then working your way across what is now the top of your rectangle.

Again, I use the half-way point as a guideline - it depends on how wide you want your head opening and how much drape is in your yarn.

I love these short ponchos. I enjoy the asymmetrical look to them, I love how easy they are to pull on, they are fairly easy and fast to make, and they are warm & cozy.  I've made six of them now and have a 7th on a loom. 

Mom seemed to really like hers, and I know she will get a lot of use out of it.

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