Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Blanket

I was intrigued when I saw that Brenda Myers was teaching the next Loom Class (Yahoo Group). She shows a baby blanket, and overcoming the peg limit on a loom.  Wow - I had to sign up.

Class started today, and I made a swatch. Yes, you read that right - I actually made a swatch.

I'm really glad I did too - see that mistake? Now I know what NOT to do.  :-)   It's a pretty stitch, and I'm excited to have cast on my blanket already.

I've rolled my yarn into a ball and am using the holes in the dollar store basket to keep the yarn from bouncing around and getting dog hair on it. This 36 peg loom, has actually got 70 - 71 stitches on it! 

I'm using Hometown USA in the colour 'Montery Lime'. I love this stuff, and I picked up a bunch of it when we were visiting the US in the Spring.  Initially I planned on using it to make our daughter a Hexigon Blanket, but I was too excited about this class. I think it will make a lovely baby blanket.

Thanks for stopping by ... I'll update with my progress later in the week.


  1. never before I saw such technique for knitting- thats great and the idea with wool in the basket ist great too

  2. How do you get 71 stitches on a 36 peg loom?
    Your projects are beautiful...seems you are always very busy.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! I actually took a class taught by Brenda Myers for this blanket ... the 'peg doubling technique' is her own (brilliant) idea.
      You can see more information for it here:
      Hope this helps!