Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Blanket and Short Poncho

I've been making progress on my baby blanket!  This is a class being taught by Brenda Myers for the Loom Class (a Yahoo group).  You can find details on her blog Loom Lore, which I have listed on the right of my blog.

Brenda's 'Double Knit Flat Stitch' is SO cool, and gives the fabric a wonderful texture.

However, I'm 3 skeins into this blanket and I've decided to frog it.  Yup - it is just SO thick and has no drape.  My own fault, Brenda suggested a #5 weight yarn for the class, but I wanted to use this pretty green and it is a #6.

I didn't want to give up on making something with that new-to-me stitch though.  I decided to start a  short poncho for my Mom. It is looking really good - I'm happy with the way it's turning out.

We had my parents out at our cabin last month, and even though it was chilly we were determined to have our lunch outside on the deck. I popped one of my short poncho's onto my Mom and she loved it! The hallway in their condo building is often chilly and we thought this would be a great thing to toss on if she is moving from place to place in the building.

I am combining 2 rows of Brenda's 'Double Knit Flat Stitch' with a row of yarn overs, and a row of purl stitches.  The yarn is super soft, and ... a #5 weight.

I haven't had the nerve to actually unravel the baby blanket yet ... but I'm not too upset about it. I learned a LOT in the class and I'm loving Brenda's stitch!  Learning how to overcome the peg count on a loom is information that will come in handy for sure. I'll save the yarn for a different project, so if I learned something and enjoyed myself then I don't count the time as wasted.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Karen, I've been searching everywhere for the how-to on the the double knit flat stitch, and I'm having no luck finding it. Any chance you can send me a link to the directions for it? I don't have a problem for paying for the pattern. Thank you!

    1. Christa, I learned this stitch from Brenda Myers in an on-line class ... but maybe you could contact her on her blog and she can direct you to where she has her 'double flat knit' stitch posted. She is a wonderful loom knitter!
      Look on the right side of my blog ... her blog is Loom Lore and clicking on that will take you right to her blog.
      Hope that helps,

    2. Thank you, Karen, I will contact her! :)

    3. Oh, you are so welcome!
      Cheers, Karen

  2. Karen, I've seen so many lovely patterns on your blog. Do you publish them or sell them so we could get them? I'm fairly new to loom knitting and have drawn here many times looking for things I see posted on Pinterest.


    1. Thanks so much, Pattie! I don't publish my patterns, but often if you check out some of my own pieces I explain how I did them. You may have to read the entire post to find the information!

      Many of my pieces were made using stitches I learned from patterns I purchased from other loomers. Once you learn a stitch sequence, it can be fun to use them on other pieces. Because of that, it wouldn't be fair for me to write a pattern up using their stitch sequences.