Sunday, June 2, 2013

Montery Lime Hats

I love these hats! I love how easy they are to whip up, how warm and cozy they feel, and how they don't look like your typical beginner's loom knit hat. There is minimal bulk at the crown and the nice wide brim will keep my ears toasty warm. 

I used 'Hometown USA' bulky yarn in the colour 'Montery Lime'. LOVE this colour!  I made two identical hats to go with the two scarflette's that I have yet to post pictures of.  The scarflette's are finished, blocked and I've found buttons to go on them. Just have to make the time to actually sew the buttons on!

I didn't follow a pattern for these hats - just made it up on my own. By purling every third peg, and moving the peg to be purled to the right every 2nd row I ended up with this lovely spiral design! I kept notes in my little scribbler so I will be able to make them again. My notebook is becoming an indispensable looming tool and I always have it in my knitting bag. Wish I'd started keep notes when I first started loom knitting.

I also really liked my bind off - again, I didn't follow any pattern just tried something on my own that worked perfectly! Since the knit stitches were all e-wrapped on the hat, I switched to a flat knit stitch for the final 5 rows then did the basic gathered cast off. No fooling around with moving loops to decrease, spaces from the empty pegs etc etc.  I will use this technique again for sure! 

My mannequin head is smaller than a regular human head (which drives me crazy) so the hat does look a little bulky at the top in the pictures. But on my head, it smooths right out.

Once I've finished the buttons on the scarflette's, one set will go into my winter box while the other hat/scarflette will be wrapped up for a friend's Christmas gift.

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  1. I have been knitting with needles for many years but am new to loom knitting. My first row is always very loose. What stitch did you use for the band?

  2. Keeping the tension even on the cast-on row takes practice. I usually use what I call the 'crochet cast on'. You can Google this, or check out Kristin's blog "Good Knit Kisses". (Link on the right side of my blog). She has the different type of cast-on's listed. The rest of the band was done with the garter stitch, knit one row and purl one row.
    You can check the following post, which explains the start of the hat: