Saturday, June 29, 2013

Both Finished 'Montery Lime' Cowls/Scarflettes

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. I have been looming a little, more on that later. Today I finished the pictures of the 'Montery Lime' cowls, so here is a long post with lots of photos.  :-)   Sometimes it takes me as long to get the photos downloaded as it does to loom knit the project - sheesh.

First up is the scarflette. I just love this 'Montery Lime' colour and the Hometown USA yarn is just so soft and ... squishy. 

For more information on the loom and stitch pattern used, click HERE. Note, I did wet block the scarflette - and did a single crochet border on both ends.

The buttons are handmade in Israel - I bought them on Etsy and I think they add the perfect finishing touch with the streaks of green in them. There are no buttonholes in the scarflette, so you can wear this several different ways just by slipping the button into a space between stitches.

OK - next up is the cowl.  I'm very proud of this one, since I came up with the stitch pattern on my own. I love how textured it is, and it's a pattern I can see using frequently.  I posted my stitch pattern and details in a previous post - to see that one, click HERE

I used the same hand made buttons on this one, again - there are no buttonholes, but it's easy to unbutton and change where you want the buttons by slipping them into a space between the stitches.

For the cowl, I did a single crochet border all the way around, and also wet blocked it.

Together with the matching hat (click HERE for details on how I loom knit that), it makes a lovely set!  One for me and one for a Christmas gift.  :-)

I mentioned earlier this month that I'd been struggling with the 'Hexigon Blanket' loom knit pattern by Charity Windham. I also mentioned that I'd finally figured out what I was doing wrong, with the help from the ladies on the Goodknit Kisses Facebook Group.

I still love the wonderful lap blankets these ladies are making and posting, so I'm determined to make one for my daughter. However, I want to practice a bit more.  So I've made two more dishcloth's - and that is what I've been looming lately.  Nothing too exciting, but I believe I'm getting the hang of the pattern now.

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  1. This is beautiful! I only have basic knowledge of looming and never knew you should make such detailed designs on a loom. I need to jump back in and learn more. Thank you for posting this!

    1. I meant 'could' instead of 'should' by the way. Sorry about that! They really need an edit button for late night posts. Thanks again.

    2. Haha - you are right about the edit button, I have thought that same thing myself many times. Thanks so much for commenting on my loom knit projects! I'm just addicted to looming, since I cannot use regular needles without pain. Check out my Blog List for other wonderful looming sites to inspire you further!
      Cheers, Karen