Friday, June 14, 2013

Another 'Sweet Ruffled Shawlette'

I had a long road trip awhile ago, so decided to work on another one of Renee Van Hoy's 'Sweet Ruffled Shawlettes'.

I thought I'd try it using a 1/2" gauge loom (CinDWood) and the full 36 pegs.  The yarn is from Hobby Lobby - I did pick up a few skeins of yarn when we were visiting Arizona for our Nephew's wedding in May.  

I like the variegated colours in the yarn, and it's quite soft. Haha, with a name like Tacoma, you'd have to know I'd love it.  

As Renee pointed out in her pattern, the ruffles show up better when you use a yarn with a little body to it. While I LOVE my red one (see HERE), that yarn was soft with a lovely drape but not much body.  It's fun to see the differences between the two.

I have also been working on - or should I say struggling with - a Hexagon lap blanket. I wanted to make one for our daughter's birthday, but something told me to try out the pattern first. I don't know what was raising 'little red flags' in my brain - several people in the GoodKnit Kisses Facebook group have made it using the pattern in the Spring 'Loom Knitters Circle' e-magazine.  Charity (the lady who wrote the pattern) has made a couple, Kristen of GoodKnit Kisses posted a YouTube video and I'm no stranger to short rows. But this thing is just NOT working out!

I have made 3 full wedges, and the first one was full of mistakes. I even frogged it, started it again and STILL made mistakes. Finally I put it aside and tried it again with a 12 peg flower loom and some cotton yarn.  I learned that the pattern IS easy, but you have to concentrate because if you miss your counting you end up with a large hole instead of an eyelet. I also learned I don't like those eyelets in the finished piece.  

The good news? I really like the size as a dishcloth, and the round shape makes it unique.  I will make more of those, but I am going to frog the blanket and try a different pattern.  Almost two full skeins of Homespun yarn have been used.  Sigh.

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