Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Super Soft 'Open Back Neck Warmer'

Here is the last of the 'Open Back Neck Warmers' I made in the early fall of 2011. I have no idea where I found this yarn, but it was SO soft I just had to buy it.  I loved working with it and the finished product was very soft. However - it was so soft it had no body and the ribbed edge didn't stand up enough to be able to put in our Christmas craft sale.

So I kept it for me!

I don't have much of a neck (if any) so turtlenecks usually look awful on me. However, this one is so soft and not too high up my neck when folded down ... and wonderfully warm under a winter jacket.

I don't know if I would make more of these to sell or not. I liked the design and the finished pieces but most ladies don't like to have to pull something over their heads and mess up their hair.  I had fun making the ones I did, and was happy that they sold, and I always learn something when looming a project I've made up the pattern for.

I have some other projects on the go and a couple of finished ones. But things have been CRAZY busy and I've just had no computer time to post the pictures. I'll have more later in the month for sure.

Thanks for stopping by.

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