Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Montery Lime' Hat WIP

I have another Work In Progress to share today ... a hat that will match the scarflette I started on THIS post.

Notice the latch hook in the picture? I'm showing it because I learned the neatest trick from Kathryn Doubrley at The Answer Lady.  She shared a YouTube video on using a latch hook to weave in your yarn ends and I do it all the time now. You can find here video HERE.  Kristen of GoodKnit Kisses also has a video showing the technique.

I'm using Hometown USA  in the colour 'Montery Lime', and once again I have the yarn coming through one of the holes in my Dollar Store bin.

In these pictures I have already completed the garter stitch brim (I like a wider brim) and have started on the stitch sequence of E-wrap 3 pegs, purl 1 peg.  Every row or so the purl stitch moves over one pegfor a lovely diagonal design. I'll go into that more when I post the finished picture of the hat.

This is actually the 2nd one I'm working on - I completed the first hat yesterday and liked it so much I'm doing a 2nd one the same.  I also have two of the scarflette's completed ... one uses a different stitch sequence than the one I've mentioned in the link above so I will share that WIP another day. They are finished except for a light blocking and I'd like to find a great button to hold them closed.

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