Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finished Dressy Shawl

Last month I shared the start of a cream dressy shawl I was making to wear to a May wedding.  (See THIS post).  I finished it in plenty of time, and finally have the pictures ready to share.

 Lots of pictures.  :-)

It's VERY long, which is what I wanted.  I have enough yarn leftover (it took only 2 skeins since it's such an open stitch) to seam it into one of my Short Poncho's if I decide to.

The shawl turned out SO pretty, with the shiny bits in the yarn.  (It's not as yellow as it looks in the photos). 

I can wear it with a shawl pin ...

Or as a scarf!

Haha, after all this though, I found a different dress to wear to the wedding so didn't wear the shawl. I thought it might be needed for air conditioning (the wedding was in May in Arizona) ... but the reception was outside and no additional covering was needed for warmth!

I'm still happy I made this piece though, and I know it will get lots of use over the years.

Thanks for stopping by.