Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet On Ruffles ... a Shawlette

I am SO excited to be working on another pattern by Renee Van Hoy.  I had started one of her capes, but forgot the project at our cabin and it will be at least another month before I can work on it again. I've been busy with company (and looming a little here and there) but in this week long break without house guests I wanted to start something that required a pattern. Something I knew would turn out.

The pattern calls for either a 1/2" gauge loom (a CinDWood loom) or the purple Knifty Knitter, so I decided to go with the Knifty Knitter. I'm using Caron Simply Soft in 'Autunm Red' and it is turning out SO beautiful.

In these pictures, I am almost finished the increasing for the one side. The ruffles aren't that pronounced since I used a yarn without a lot of body ... but I'm sure once I block it I can make them a little more 'ruffly'. It doesn't even matter ... I love it just the way it is. LOVE it.

Renee is clever ... and the way she came up with this makes for a very enjoyable pattern. The fact that it's 'row by row' doesn't hurt either.  :-)   Last night I got just past the mid-way point of the Shawlette and I'm SO impressed by the little eyelets that have formed down the center.

For those of you who have made the 'Sweet On Ruffles Shawlette' before, you will know you can increase to either 24 or 36 pegs. I decided to go with 24, since I am short.

I haven't even finished it and I already want to make a couple more. Who knew a simple Garter Stitch could be so lovely! Renee Van Hoy, that's who.  And now me.

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  1. Reading this post just made my day! I hope the shawlette feels like a nice hug when you wear it, a hug from me!