Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dressy Short Poncho WIP

Here is my latest WIP (Work In Progress) ... another short poncho.  I couldn't find any more of that Moda Dea yarn at the flea market - I love LOVE the black I made my first short poncho out of, so was hoping for more to make my Mom one as a gift.  (See THIS post for that poncho).

They did have some of this 'Sparkle' yarn so I picked up 3 skeins. It was packaged in plastic, but it LOOKED soft enough.

George Crawford made a "Skip Skip Shawl" and posted it on the Goodknit Kisses Facebook Group. It reminded me of a previous favourite stitch sequence - one that I used a LOT. So that is what I used here -- *ewrap 3 pegs, skip one* across the loom. (It was knit as a flat panel.)  With all the nubby bits in the yarn, it's working out really well!

See how soft the yarn looks in the pictures?  Well - it's NOT.  It's like knitting spun plastic. I dare not wear it out on a hot day as I'd be afraid it would melt. Crazy!

At least it looks like it is going to have a nice drape to it.

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