Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Cowl

I usually have more than one looming project on the go at a time ... so while I was working on the Sweet On Ruffles Shawlette and a dressy shawl that I haven't yet shared, I also started a cowl for our daughter's May birthday.

She bought a lovely new winter coat this year, and said an oatmeal cowl would be a nice, cozy touch.  I can do that!  Even though her birthday is in May, I thought I'd give it to her so she will have it when (ug) the cold weather returns. It's actually light enough that she could wear it during cooler Spring weather too.

I'm using a CinDWood loom, 1/2" gauge and a single strand of Vanna's Choice yarn. Note - I have heard this from other sources and found it to be true with this skein. Trying to pull the yarn from the center only works for awhile - then it gets all tangled and is quite a mess. Next time I use Vanna's Choice yarn, I will be sure to wind it into a ball first.

I'm using 4 pegs at each end, and 4 groups of 3 pegs skipping the peg in between each set. The first stitch is always slipped and the last one is always knit. Then, the first three pegs are purled and the rest of the row is simply E-wrapped. The purled border keeps the edges from curling, and the skipped peg makes for a nice 'open' design.  I'm happy with how it's turning out!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Is there an actual written out Pattern for this? I really love the job you did and want to try it. Also could you use a long loom?

    1. Hi - sorry for the long delay. We had a 3 day road trip, two weeks of house-guests, and our daughter had a baby. I haven't been doing much loom knitting these days, and look forward to getting back to it. The pattern is one I've made up, and the instructions are at the bottom of the post. You sure could use a long loom, since you are knitting a flat panel.
      Hope that helps

  2. Beautiful!!! I would love to see a video tutorial of this because I am fairly new to loom knitting and the visual tutorials really help.

    1. Hi - glad you liked it. I don't do YouTube video's at all, wouldn't know where to start. There are lots of them on-line though that will help out when you are a beginner. Have fun!