Friday, April 12, 2013

Another 'Open Back Neck Warmer'

Here is another one of my 'Open Back Neck Warmers,' which came about from a 'Looming Brainstorms' in the Fall of 2011 ...

This one was knit from the top down, and I doubled up the top edge (like the brim of a hat) ... just to try it.  Actually, it was the first one to sell!  The lady who purchased it from our Craft Sale lives in my parents building and she comments on how much she loves it whenever I bump into her.  That makes me so happy!

This one was also knit with two strands, a variegated one (Red Heart??) and a really, really soft grey. I would have kept it for me if it was leftover at the end of the sale.

Having posted these pictures, I have an idea now for another type of 'Fitted Cowl'.  I just need some time to get to looming!

We have had lots of company the past 10 days, and now I have just over a week before the house starts to fill up with more out-of-town guests. And more.  Then more.  Then it will be our nephew's wedding, so I can only fit so much into a day.

That's OK though, I always have at least one project on my looms and can pick it up to knit a row here or there as time permits. Helps keep me sane, centered and relaxed among the chaos.  Know what I mean?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. your work is beautiful. What stitch would you suggest to make a mini blanket to use as a photography prop. I want it to have some texture and design besides just the rows of knitting.

    1. The Seed Stitch, (Moss stitch is another name) and it gives great texture if using a solid colour yarn. It's simply Knit one stitch (or Ewrap) then Purl the next one across the row. The next row you Purl one then Knit one across the row. The stitches alternate so you always have a Knit stitch above a purl one etc.

      The Figure Eight stitch, or Lacy Diamond Stitch (another name) is also pretty - and there are YouTube videos showing how to do that on a loom. Hope that helps!