Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dressy Shawl for a Wedding ... WIP

Here is ANOTHER Work In Progress ... I told you my looms are almost always busy. I like to have more than one project on the go at t time, especially if some projects are going to take awhile to complete. Like this dressy shawl.

I'm using this lovely SOFT mohair like yarn from Ice Yarns and the largest, yellow Knifty Knitter knitting loom.  The stitch sequence is one that I have used often (e-wrap 3 pegs, skip one) but I don't know if I would have used such a thin yarn if George Crawford from the Goodknit Kisses Facebook group hadn't used it to make his lovely 'Grass shawls'.  He uses a Grass yarn from Ice ... I have some of that in my stash now, but this shawl had to take priority as the wedding is coming up fast!

In order to make the peg count work with this knitting loom, I am e-wrapping the first four pegs and the last 4 pegs ... and the rest of the loom is done with the 'e-wrap 3, skip 1' sequence. I could have done it using 3 pegs throughout and just not used those last two pegs, but I wanted this to be as large as possible.

It's actually working up quickly, and with the nubby bits it has a bit of shimmer & shine. I think it will be perfect - the dress I bought is shades of blue, grey and cream.  The dress is sleeveless, and I don't want to be in the church with no sleeves. A lacy looking, LIGHTweight shawl will be perfect.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Textured Cowl

I have another WIP (Work In Progress) to share today ...


I saw this colour of yarn (Montery Lime) and no way I could leave it behind. In fact, I only bought a single skein and once I got going on this I knew it wasn't going to be quite enough and I had to go back and buy a 2nd. I picked up a third, just for good measure.  :-)

I am LOVING the way it's turning out! 

Here is how I'm doing it ...

Textured Cowl by Karen Aicken

Crochet cast on 16 pegs.  All knit stitches are E-wrap.

Slip (skip/ignore/don't work) the first stitch, Knit 2 pegs and purl 1 peg.  *Knit 3 pegs and purl 1* across to the last 4 pegs, which are knit.

Repeat.  :-)  Don't you love a single row repeat?  I know I do.  The purl stitch moves over 1 peg with the 2nd row, and back to the first position with the 3rd rowetc etc. This gives you these lovely seed stitch rows in between the knit ones for fabulous texture without having to count the knits and purls as you would normally for the seed stitch.

I first discovered this stitch sequence by accident when I was working on a doll blanket for my Granddaughter (see THIS post).  I knew I wanted to use it again and this lovely, soft chunky yarn is perfect.

Tips:  I do a 'Half Hitch' stitch at the end of every row. I just like the clean edge this gives just like slipping the first stitch of each row.

          I also do all my e-wraps without knitting over until the end of the row. So I e-wrap the 3 pegs, purl one, then just continue on e-wrapping the next three etc. When I have reached the end of the row, I go back and lift over all the loops for the e-wrap stitches.

I found it's a good way to know where the purl stitches need to be, without having to count every peg on every row.  I like to knit 'mindlessly', ha ha.

I will just knit this until I think it's long enough, and will post those pictures when it's done. It won't be until the middle of May though, we are going to have some house guests this week ... then more and then more! Our Nephew is getting married so I have to get going on my dressy shawl as I plan on wearing it over my dress to the wedding.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finished Shawlette

I finished my 'Sweet On Ruffles Shawlette' and it turned out really nice.

I can't get to my steamer right now, so I am going to wait and block it next month. Ha, it's not like there will be a need for a cozy warm shawlette for a few months! At least I hope not.  I had thought about not blocking it, but I think it will open up the eyelet work a little.  I like it with the triangle worn to the front more than in the back as a shawlette.

With the lovely red, it might be a perfect addition to wear with a jean jacket to our Calgary Stampede in July! You just never know what the weather is going to do in July, so I won't be putting this away in the winter box just yet.

I'll weave the yarn tails in once it's been blocked and if blocking really changes the size & ruffles, I'll post pictures at that point.

Thanks to Renee Van Hoy at 'Invisible Loom Craft' for a wonderful pattern ... I will make more of these for sure! And now that I have used that Caron 'Simply Soft' yarn - I want to use more of it. It is just wonderful to work with, has a lovely drape and is soft with just a touch of a satin look to it. Love it!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Cowl

I usually have more than one looming project on the go at a time ... so while I was working on the Sweet On Ruffles Shawlette and a dressy shawl that I haven't yet shared, I also started a cowl for our daughter's May birthday.

She bought a lovely new winter coat this year, and said an oatmeal cowl would be a nice, cozy touch.  I can do that!  Even though her birthday is in May, I thought I'd give it to her so she will have it when (ug) the cold weather returns. It's actually light enough that she could wear it during cooler Spring weather too.

I'm using a CinDWood loom, 1/2" gauge and a single strand of Vanna's Choice yarn. Note - I have heard this from other sources and found it to be true with this skein. Trying to pull the yarn from the center only works for awhile - then it gets all tangled and is quite a mess. Next time I use Vanna's Choice yarn, I will be sure to wind it into a ball first.

I'm using 4 pegs at each end, and 4 groups of 3 pegs skipping the peg in between each set. The first stitch is always slipped and the last one is always knit. Then, the first three pegs are purled and the rest of the row is simply E-wrapped. The purled border keeps the edges from curling, and the skipped peg makes for a nice 'open' design.  I'm happy with how it's turning out!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet On Ruffles ... a Shawlette

I am SO excited to be working on another pattern by Renee Van Hoy.  I had started one of her capes, but forgot the project at our cabin and it will be at least another month before I can work on it again. I've been busy with company (and looming a little here and there) but in this week long break without house guests I wanted to start something that required a pattern. Something I knew would turn out.

The pattern calls for either a 1/2" gauge loom (a CinDWood loom) or the purple Knifty Knitter, so I decided to go with the Knifty Knitter. I'm using Caron Simply Soft in 'Autunm Red' and it is turning out SO beautiful.

In these pictures, I am almost finished the increasing for the one side. The ruffles aren't that pronounced since I used a yarn without a lot of body ... but I'm sure once I block it I can make them a little more 'ruffly'. It doesn't even matter ... I love it just the way it is. LOVE it.

Renee is clever ... and the way she came up with this makes for a very enjoyable pattern. The fact that it's 'row by row' doesn't hurt either.  :-)   Last night I got just past the mid-way point of the Shawlette and I'm SO impressed by the little eyelets that have formed down the center.

For those of you who have made the 'Sweet On Ruffles Shawlette' before, you will know you can increase to either 24 or 36 pegs. I decided to go with 24, since I am short.

I haven't even finished it and I already want to make a couple more. Who knew a simple Garter Stitch could be so lovely! Renee Van Hoy, that's who.  And now me.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Another 'Open Back Neck Warmer'

Here is another one of my 'Open Back Neck Warmers,' which came about from a 'Looming Brainstorms' in the Fall of 2011 ...

This one was knit from the top down, and I doubled up the top edge (like the brim of a hat) ... just to try it.  Actually, it was the first one to sell!  The lady who purchased it from our Craft Sale lives in my parents building and she comments on how much she loves it whenever I bump into her.  That makes me so happy!

This one was also knit with two strands, a variegated one (Red Heart??) and a really, really soft grey. I would have kept it for me if it was leftover at the end of the sale.

Having posted these pictures, I have an idea now for another type of 'Fitted Cowl'.  I just need some time to get to looming!

We have had lots of company the past 10 days, and now I have just over a week before the house starts to fill up with more out-of-town guests. And more.  Then more.  Then it will be our nephew's wedding, so I can only fit so much into a day.

That's OK though, I always have at least one project on my looms and can pick it up to knit a row here or there as time permits. Helps keep me sane, centered and relaxed among the chaos.  Know what I mean?

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Open Back Neck Warmer

In the early Fall of 2011, I had a 'looming brainstorm'. 

Unfortunately, I didn't make any notes on how I made these, but I'm sure I could figure it out if I had to make more. The ones I did make went into our 2011 Christmas Craft Sale and they all sold!  I also know I would have used either the yellow or green Knifty Knitter loom, probably the yellow (largest).

I had made lots of hats and headbands but wanted to try something different ... The 'Open Back Neck Warmer' (for lack of a better name) was knit from the bottom up. I used one strand of Homespun held together with one strand of white worsted weight yarn and this is what I came up with!

At the time, I was out at our cabin as we were having some work done on the deck so Loom Knitting was a great way to pass the time out there. I made several of these, and will share the rest of the photos in the next few days.

This next one was made using a single strand of Homespun. Even though it sold, I liked the 'bulk' of the one made with two strands better.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finished Dressy Short Poncho

Well I have another short poncho finished - and it is surprisingly comfortable, considering how the yarn felt like spun plastic as I was working on it.

It is nice and dressy, I think it will be the perfect thing to throw on over a shell if going out to dinner in the summer months. The poncho is very lightweight, and has a beautiful drape - which you can see on the hanger above.  Below, it looks great with the shoulders bunched up a bit.

Or even just one shoulder bunched up ...

It will even work under a jacket on a cool Spring or early Fall day. It's so lightweight it will add a little warmth and a lot of pizazz.  I'm happy I continued on with it even with that crazy yarn.

For information on the stitch sequence and loom used, see my previous post. It took 3 skeins of that Sparkle yarn.

I still won't be wearing it outside if it's hot - so this poncho is out of the question for our nephew's wedding. In Arizona. In May. 

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dressy Short Poncho WIP

Here is my latest WIP (Work In Progress) ... another short poncho.  I couldn't find any more of that Moda Dea yarn at the flea market - I love LOVE the black I made my first short poncho out of, so was hoping for more to make my Mom one as a gift.  (See THIS post for that poncho).

They did have some of this 'Sparkle' yarn so I picked up 3 skeins. It was packaged in plastic, but it LOOKED soft enough.

George Crawford made a "Skip Skip Shawl" and posted it on the Goodknit Kisses Facebook Group. It reminded me of a previous favourite stitch sequence - one that I used a LOT. So that is what I used here -- *ewrap 3 pegs, skip one* across the loom. (It was knit as a flat panel.)  With all the nubby bits in the yarn, it's working out really well!

See how soft the yarn looks in the pictures?  Well - it's NOT.  It's like knitting spun plastic. I dare not wear it out on a hot day as I'd be afraid it would melt. Crazy!

At least it looks like it is going to have a nice drape to it.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cozy Cowl

I had this skein of yarn and a long road trip ahead of me. I decided to use it and made myself a cowl, but since I made the whole thing in the car I didn't think to take a picture of the Work In Progress (WIP).

The loom used was the largest (yellow) Knifty Knitter, and I used the 'Lacy Diamond Stitch' which is essentially a figure 8 stitch. It was knit in the round and I just continued around until I had just enough yarn left to cast off.

I like that the yarn used, with it's thick and thin bits - and the stitch combo created this lovely scallop border!

 I haven't steam blocked the cowl yet - but there is lots of time as I probably won't wear it now until next winter.  I'll post a picture if I do end up steaming it, as I wonder if it will open up the stitches at all.

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