Monday, March 11, 2013

Finished Afghan

I mentioned that I was trying to clean up some large WIP's before I tackled any new projects. Once I finished my aqua short poncho, it was time to move onto the Never-Ending-Granny-Square Afghan.  See THIS post for more information on it.

I LOVE the colours in this ... and I'm sure it is very popular as you hardly ever see a full cubby of this colour at Michaels. In fact, I was almost finished my FIFTH skein and realized I'd need more. It took a couple of different Michaels to find any at all! 

It took almost 6 skeins of the Homespun yarn in Painted Desert, and when I stand up holding it to the floor it comes up level with my eyes (I'm 5'2").  But because it's square, there is lots of width to wrap around you. I'm so happy with this project, and still amazed at myself that I was able to CROCHET a full size afghan and it didn't take me years.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Is the never ending granny square blanket crochet or loom knitted? If loom knitted is there a pattern or preferably a video?

    1. This is a crochet pattern that I found online. There are on-line videos for a 5 stitch (or maybe it's a 10 stitch) loom knit afghan if you wanted to check that out.