Monday, March 4, 2013

Cream Lacy Hat

This hat is truly the softest thing I have ever loom knit.  I used three strands of baby yarn - for details on the loom, and three-strands-as-one technique, see THIS post. 

 I made the hat to go with my lacy infinity scarf (see THIS post and pictured wrapped around the display model's overly skinny neck, above). After I did the wide ribbed band I switched to the 'waves of lace' stitch to match the infinity scarf.  Jeannie Phillip's flat gathered bind-off was used for the top of the hat.

We had a winter storm blow in this weekend, so I will still be getting lots of use out of this set!

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  1. Do you have a pattern for this?

    1. Hi Laura! I don't have a pattern for the Waves of Lace stitch that I used, but you can purchase the shawl pattern at here:
      Once I learned the stitch sequence, I found it really easy to apply to many different projects. Hope this helps,

  2. Hi Karen, Maybe I just can not see it. Is there a pattern for this hat?

    1. Hi Betty! I rarely use a pattern when I make hats. I find it depends on what yarn I'm using and my tension as well as what loom I use. So I just wing it, decide on what stitch I want to use for the brim and then whatever stitch I'm currently enamoured with for the hat section. This one uses a stitch pattern I learned when I purchased the Waves of Lace shawl pattern, which you can find here:
      Hope that helps!