Friday, March 8, 2013

Aqua Short Poncho

Today it's time to share a 'Finished Friday' project and I realized that I didn't even share the WIP pics! So I will start there:

Using the purple Knifty Knitter loom, Lion Brand Homespun yarn, and Lisa Sawyers' Waves of Lace stitch pattern.

Yes, again

Love that stitch!

I made this one for warmth when travelling, so that is why I chose the purple loom - it's a smaller gauge thus the 'holes' are smaller.

Essentially I loomed a long rectangle, folded it in half and seamed it across the top leaving an opening for my head.  You can get more detailed instructions on THIS post if you are interested.  By the very nature of the pattern, it is longer on the folded side than on the seamed side - although I do try to seam it very loosely. 

That doesn't bother me at all, as it's also asymmetrical - and it's all part of the 'artsy' look of it.  It can also be gathered up a at the shoulders:

I think for a road trip, wearing the poncho with the seam in the center might be the way to go ... more coverage for your arms. I like how you can fold back the edges of the opening to look like a collar:

So this is my third short poncho - all using the same stitch but different yarns. I am loving these pieces! Easy to wear, warm and cozy, not too heavy, versatile, and addicting to make.  :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

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