Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Hat for Ethan

I had some leftover yarn from my 'Bon Voyage Infinity Scarf' and Slouch Hat so decided to make a non-baby coloured hat for our 7 month old Grandson.

It turned out so cute! I used the red Knifty Knitter round loom and the yarn is Bernat Chunky. The band is the typical one for loomed hats, where you bring the cast on edge back up onto the loops and knit off forming a double knit brim. I haven't done that in awhile!

See the neat spiral look to the hat though? I was excited at how well this worked out! Simple to do, too. I e-wrapped & knit off three pegs, then purled the next two pegs. Repeat. The loom doesn't have the exact number of pegs for you to end up at the 'end' of your row (the peg before your starting peg) but since you are knitting in the round I just kept going and didn't worry about the starting peg. The stitch sequence moved over one peg (as there was one peg too many on the initial row) and gave me this cool spiral look.


I am SO going to do this with a solid colour yarn. The last three rows are Knit 2 pegs, Purl 2 pegs to set up for Jeannie Phillips flat drawstring cast off. Love that look.

Haha, since I have a hat and infinity scarf out of the same yarn, I will have to be careful not to wear it at the same time when I'm out with the Grandbabies.  Ethan and Gramma canNOT be twinsies.

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