Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting a Verigated Slouch Hat

I've been working on Isela Phelps 'Last Minute Slouch Hat' on the All In One loom, and I'm really enjoying the stitch pattern. I had this new skein of Bernat Softee  (sooooo soft) and I thought I'd try the same pattern using the purple Knifty Knitter loom.

It is working up really nicely and I'm so pleased that I tried it this way. Because the yarn is a #5, the hat is working up quite quickly too. I did a crochet cast on and 5 rows of the Seed Stitch for the brim before moving into Isela's pattern.

See the masking tape? Isela uses a stitch marker and I was really struggling with that when I started the hat on my All In One loom. In fact, I ended up having to frog about 3" of the hat when I messed up the stitch marker. My solution was to put masking tape along the edge of the loom, and I pen a mark onto it when the 'Peg 1' moves one peg over. It's much easier to keep track of this way so I started this slouch hat with the masking tape right at the start.

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  1. What an awesome tip with the masked tape...thanks that will really come in handy!