Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Next Project ... a 'Poncho'

In the early fall, I had taken visiting family to Main Street in Canmore and we were poking around in the shops there. One of them had this short poncho - very finely knit (machine) and I thought it was so cool! I was tempted to buy one but my family said that they liked the cowl/poncho's that I had done already way better. I didn't give the short ones another thought, until ...  

After Christmas we visited friends, and Kim had to show me the cool short poncho she had purchased to go over her sleeveless Christmas Party dress. It was the exact same one I had seen in Canmore! She thought I'd be able to do something like it and of course, I was completely inspired. So much so that I couldn't sleep that night.

I was trying to figure out how to make it on a really fine loom using really fine yarn.  Then it hit me. I could do my own thing!  So I found this lovely yarn at the swap meet and am using one of the only looms I have with me.  It's a pastel coloured set of looms (from either Hobby Lobby or JoAnnes) by 'Classic Knit'. Very similar to the Knifty Knitter set of looms and I'm using the largest one.

I settled on the 'Waves of Lace' pattern by Lisa Sawyer.  Sorry about the crazy colours in the photos - I had to use my phone to take them.  The yarn is BLACK with different bright colours through it.

It's working up really nicely - and quite quickly too! The yarn is sooooo soft and cozy.  I don't have a pattern exactly - Lisa's 'Waves of Lace' stitch is the one I'm using and her pattern was worth the cost to have learned that stitch. But the pattern doesn't go into low long to make the shawl, how many stitches to use (other than use an even number) and I'm not making a shawl anyhow.  That open stitch pattern? I think it could be my new favourite!

I'll keep working on my short poncho and will post more when I'm finished. it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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