Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finished Poncho

Yay! I finished my short poncho last night, and am wearing it today. :-)  I can see I'm going to get a lot of use out of it and am already thinking I would like to make another and different yarn choices are running through my head.

Essentially it's a long rectangle - similar to loom knitting a shawl.   I used 40 of the 41 pegs on the round loom, since Lisa Sawyers stitch pattern says to use an even number of pegs.  The mohair yarn is SO soft, and has a really nice drape to it!

Below, is the asymmetrical way I'm wearing the poncho today:

Because the yarn is fine (even though it's listed as a #5 weight!) it isn't bulky and can be scrunched up to wear as a sort of scarf as well!

Once the rectangle was a long as I wanted it to be, I cast off using Jeannie Phillips cast off method (see HERE for her video on this fabulous technique). I folded the rectangle in half along the short side and sewed from the open end towards the fold end stopping just short of half way.

EDITED:  I was asked a question on seaming so I have some additional directions to add:
Thanks for the nice comments on my loom knit poncho - I will try to explain how I seamed it:

Lay your knit rectangle lengthwise, with the short edges at the left and right (these are your Cast-On and Cast-Off edges). Fold the rectangle in half so both short edges lay on top of each other at the right, and your fold is on your left. You will want the right sides to be together, and the wrong side to be out.

You seam both layers from the top RIGHT corner across the top (long) edges, approximately** half way across. When I Cast-Off, I left a 24" strand for seaming.

** how long your seam is, depends on how long you want your head opening to be, the stitch used, the drape of your yarn etc etc. I kept trying it on until I was satisfied, then just tied it off.

I hope this makes sense! I appreciate your questions, and I will update my blog with the above information as well.

The measurements will depend on how tall you are, how many pegs you used (or how wide your panel is), the yarn used, how large your head is for the opening, or how wide you want the neck opening. You would have to customize each piece depending on all those factors, but if you want to know the exact measurements on this one leave me a comment and I'll measure and post them.

 All in all, considering this was completely a 'Let's Start Looming and See What I Come Up With' project, I'm thrilled with the outcome! I won't be adding a fringe to this one, but it would be an option with another one, in a different yarn.

I'm also imagining one with one or more tassels. Or, once it's finished and stitched, slipping the neck opening back onto the loom and knitting in the round for a 'turtle neck' type poncho.

Oh, the ideas!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am 5ft tall, what do you recommend I make the measurements of my rectangle to be?

    1. Oh, I can't say! It depends on the yarn you choose, how tightly you knit - it's completely personal. Just keep knitting and trying it on until you have it the way you like it. That is how I do it so it's the only advice I have to give you. Have fun with it!