Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fancy Short Poncho - WIP

It's Wednesday, which means it's the day to share our looming Works In Progress.  I had trouble getting going on this one ...

I started with the Knifty Knitter yellow loom and my yarn (Boutique Magical, colour Hocus Pocus)

But once I got knitting, I felt it was a little too 'loose'.

I frogged it and tried again, using two strands of yarn - one solid to coordinate with the Boutique:

But then I thought it was too heavy - and wouldn't have any drape. It would be fine for a cowl or hat or blanket type piece - but not for a poncho. Plus, I was looking for something dressy and light. With drape.

I frogged that one too, and decided to try my largest CinDWood hat loom (59 pegs, 1/2" gauge)

I liked it much better so have been working away on it. I'm almost to the end of my 2nd skein and will need at least half of the third.  Now I feel like I should have maybe stayed with my first choice - the yellow Knifty Knitter loom although with the stitches being so loose it would probably catch on things.

I'm using Lisa Sawyers "Waves Of Lace" stitch pattern and it's really coming along! I love the colour  and texture changes in this yarn!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Poncho for Olivia

I'm afraid I cheated on my looms this week. I've been trying to figure out how to loom knit our 19 month old Granddaughter a little poncho using my looms, and during that thought process I got my weekly email from Lion Brand Yarn. They were featuring a Baby Poncho that was crochet using Homespun yarn.

I thought I'd give it a try, but I haven't followed a crochet pattern in YEARS and it was too hard with the Homespun yarn.  So I tried it again with two strands of the Bernat Baby Sport I used for the Baby Girl Hat (see THIS post) and it worked out!

I couldn't figure out how to join the ends of the rows from the pattern instruction, but that was easy enough to fudge. I did my own thing around the neck and a shell stitch instead of a single crochet around the outside. It turned out pretty cute and I can't wait to give it to her.

If she likes it, and if she will keep it on (she is a master of taking off things she doesn't want to wear anymore, and of course those Terrible Two's are on the horizon) ... I have a better idea of how I might make her another one on a knitting loom.

I'm still puttering away on my two WIP's ... a row here and a row there and eventually I will get them finished. I haven't had much looming time this past week but have been able to work on one of them a bit this weekend. It's so relaxing and almost meditative. I need that calm in my life on a daily basis.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Girl Hat

It's 'Finished Friday' at the GoodKnit Kisses Facebook group, and I have something to share!

I have been crazy busy this week and haven't had much opportunity to work on my loom knitting. When I can, I add a row or two to my two WIP's but may get some time this weekend to do more.

Meanwhile, I heard that one of my pen-pals is a new Grandma. I grabbed this soft variegated yarn and made a sweet newborn hat. It's pretty tiny, but so is the baby - under 6 lbs! 

The yarn is Bernat Baby Sport, and I used the blue Knifty Knitter loom with two strands held as one. A few rows of garter stitch for the brim, then I knit the rest of the hat with the seed stitch. When I was finished, I crochet a small shell stitch border around the brim.

Such a tiny little treasure ... and I know she will love giving it to the new little bundle in their family.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Finished Slouch Hat

I finished my "Last Minute Slouch Hat" (pattern by Isela Phelps) and I'm really enjoying wearing it.

It was a nice change to use such a fine yarn instead of bulky, and the All In One loom is such a pleasure to use. This is actually the first hat I've made on that loom but now that I have the peg count figured out I will make others for sure!

I did Jeannie Phillips drawstring cast off as I love the nice flat look ... but other hats I've seen with a regular gathered cast off look different so I think I will try that another time.  On the other hand, the extra weight of using Jeannie's Phillips method gives the top of the hat a nice weight which helps keep it slouchy! 

I have a couple of other long term projects on my looms,  and I will post pictures soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Next WIP - Another Slouch Hat

Since I liked my slouch hat done on the Knifty Knitter, I thought I'd try it again as written for the All In One loom. Here is my WIP (Work In Progress).

I'm using Lion Brand's Amazing and it so nice to be working with such a fine yarn instead of bulky. I have never made a hat on the All In One loom so it will be interesting to see how this goes!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Verigated Slouch Hat

I finished my 'Last Minute Slouch Hat'.  Isela Phelps' pattern, designed for the AIO loom but I did it on a CinDWood hat loom instead. Love the spiral stitch pattern and the hat is really soft and cozy.

I tried Jeannie Phillips' "Flat Drawstring Cast off" for the first time and ... WOW! It makes a perfectly flat top - I'm amazed. And so grateful that Jeannie shares her talents with other loomers.

This gives you a better look at the spiral pattern ... the band is 5 rows of Seed Stitch and the yarn is Bernat Softee. I also did a row of single crochet along the bottom of the brim - I thought I might need to make the hat fit a little tighter.

I wore this hat every time I stepped out this weekend, and it will be on my head again shortly as I go walk the dogs. It's snowing here in Calgary so I'm looking forward to wrapping up in COZY.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting a Verigated Slouch Hat

I've been working on Isela Phelps 'Last Minute Slouch Hat' on the All In One loom, and I'm really enjoying the stitch pattern. I had this new skein of Bernat Softee  (sooooo soft) and I thought I'd try the same pattern using the purple Knifty Knitter loom.

It is working up really nicely and I'm so pleased that I tried it this way. Because the yarn is a #5, the hat is working up quite quickly too. I did a crochet cast on and 5 rows of the Seed Stitch for the brim before moving into Isela's pattern.

See the masking tape? Isela uses a stitch marker and I was really struggling with that when I started the hat on my All In One loom. In fact, I ended up having to frog about 3" of the hat when I messed up the stitch marker. My solution was to put masking tape along the edge of the loom, and I pen a mark onto it when the 'Peg 1' moves one peg over. It's much easier to keep track of this way so I started this slouch hat with the masking tape right at the start.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Finished Friday - Rope Scarf

The GoodKnit Kisses Facebook Group wants to photos of what we've finished loom knitting this week  -- they call it Finished Friday.  I have my Rope Scarf finished and I'm pleased with how it turned out!

I like the bit of sparkle in the yarn, and I'm much happier with this project than the scarflett I frogged to re-use the yarn. I was just not happy with that one at all.

As mentioned in my previous post, I used my CinDWood hat loom and made a 3-peg iCord with the yarn (Red Heart Boutique in Midnight).  It will go with my slouch hat (see THIS post) although I'm not quite sure that I can pull off that look yet.

I have several other projects started - another slouch hat (Isela Phelps Last Minute Slouch Hat), another short poncho, and this morning I just wanted to start a quick project so am trying Isela's stitch pattern on a hat loom using chunky yarn.

Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP - Rope Scarf

I belong to the GoodKnit Kisses Facebook Group, and every Wednesday Kristen asks about our Work In Progress.  This week I am going to post my Rope Scarf!

I have been seeing these all over the web lately, the majority of them are not loom knit but crochet. I knew I wouldn't be happy with a chain stitch scarf, as the yarn would twist and I like stitches to be uniform. So instead, I am working mine as a 3 peg iCord using a CinDWood hat loom.

I frogged the Lacy Scarflet that I had made (see THIS post) and am using that yarn for this project. I'm going to like it MUCH better, and I'm glad I was able to come up with a use for this sparkly yarn.

I am almost at the end of the skein so I expect to be finished the scarf in the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to wearing it! And coming up with some variations as well :-)

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finished Poncho

Yay! I finished my short poncho last night, and am wearing it today. :-)  I can see I'm going to get a lot of use out of it and am already thinking I would like to make another and different yarn choices are running through my head.

Essentially it's a long rectangle - similar to loom knitting a shawl.   I used 40 of the 41 pegs on the round loom, since Lisa Sawyers stitch pattern says to use an even number of pegs.  The mohair yarn is SO soft, and has a really nice drape to it!

Below, is the asymmetrical way I'm wearing the poncho today:

Because the yarn is fine (even though it's listed as a #5 weight!) it isn't bulky and can be scrunched up to wear as a sort of scarf as well!

Once the rectangle was a long as I wanted it to be, I cast off using Jeannie Phillips cast off method (see HERE for her video on this fabulous technique). I folded the rectangle in half along the short side and sewed from the open end towards the fold end stopping just short of half way.

EDITED:  I was asked a question on seaming so I have some additional directions to add:
Thanks for the nice comments on my loom knit poncho - I will try to explain how I seamed it:

Lay your knit rectangle lengthwise, with the short edges at the left and right (these are your Cast-On and Cast-Off edges). Fold the rectangle in half so both short edges lay on top of each other at the right, and your fold is on your left. You will want the right sides to be together, and the wrong side to be out.

You seam both layers from the top RIGHT corner across the top (long) edges, approximately** half way across. When I Cast-Off, I left a 24" strand for seaming.

** how long your seam is, depends on how long you want your head opening to be, the stitch used, the drape of your yarn etc etc. I kept trying it on until I was satisfied, then just tied it off.

I hope this makes sense! I appreciate your questions, and I will update my blog with the above information as well.

The measurements will depend on how tall you are, how many pegs you used (or how wide your panel is), the yarn used, how large your head is for the opening, or how wide you want the neck opening. You would have to customize each piece depending on all those factors, but if you want to know the exact measurements on this one leave me a comment and I'll measure and post them.

 All in all, considering this was completely a 'Let's Start Looming and See What I Come Up With' project, I'm thrilled with the outcome! I won't be adding a fringe to this one, but it would be an option with another one, in a different yarn.

I'm also imagining one with one or more tassels. Or, once it's finished and stitched, slipping the neck opening back onto the loom and knitting in the round for a 'turtle neck' type poncho.

Oh, the ideas!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Next Project ... a 'Poncho'

In the early fall, I had taken visiting family to Main Street in Canmore and we were poking around in the shops there. One of them had this short poncho - very finely knit (machine) and I thought it was so cool! I was tempted to buy one but my family said that they liked the cowl/poncho's that I had done already way better. I didn't give the short ones another thought, until ...  

After Christmas we visited friends, and Kim had to show me the cool short poncho she had purchased to go over her sleeveless Christmas Party dress. It was the exact same one I had seen in Canmore! She thought I'd be able to do something like it and of course, I was completely inspired. So much so that I couldn't sleep that night.

I was trying to figure out how to make it on a really fine loom using really fine yarn.  Then it hit me. I could do my own thing!  So I found this lovely yarn at the swap meet and am using one of the only looms I have with me.  It's a pastel coloured set of looms (from either Hobby Lobby or JoAnnes) by 'Classic Knit'. Very similar to the Knifty Knitter set of looms and I'm using the largest one.

I settled on the 'Waves of Lace' pattern by Lisa Sawyer.  Sorry about the crazy colours in the photos - I had to use my phone to take them.  The yarn is BLACK with different bright colours through it.

It's working up really nicely - and quite quickly too! The yarn is sooooo soft and cozy.  I don't have a pattern exactly - Lisa's 'Waves of Lace' stitch is the one I'm using and her pattern was worth the cost to have learned that stitch. But the pattern doesn't go into low long to make the shawl, how many stitches to use (other than use an even number) and I'm not making a shawl anyhow.  That open stitch pattern? I think it could be my new favourite!

I'll keep working on my short poncho and will post more when I'm finished. it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Loom Knit Mens Hats

Today's share is actually a 'copy and paste' from my other blog, Altered Scrapbooking. Initially I was posting my knit projects there - but decided that it was too much for the loom knitters to have to scroll through all my cards and papercrafts to find a project and started up this blog instead. I may or may not move those projects over to this blog, but if you are curious you can click on 'Knifty Knitter' on the right hand side of that blog, under LABELS. That should bring up my earlier pieces.

Since I'd quickly become addicted to knitting with looms, I gave everyone a loom knit hat / toque for Christmas last year. It was fun choosing the yarn(s) for each person, and changing each hat just a little. Of course, the earlier ones are far more basic than the latter as I learned new stitches and tried new things on my own.

Some of these have double knit brims for extra warmth, some have longer brims that can be rolled up as needed, or pulled down to keep the ears and back of the neck warm.  

Everyone seemed to like them, so that made me happy.

Now I keep a notebook handy and jot down information on what yarn/loom/stitches I use on each project. Wish I had started doing that at the start, as I get questions on how I made a certain loom knit piece and I can't remember!  Haha, I do tend to 'fly by the seat of my pants' a fair bit.

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and fellow loom knitters. Thanks for stopping by.