Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finished Cowl Christmas Gift

I finished the cowl for my friend ... she loves purple and bling, so I think she will love this. She is someone who really appreciates anything hand made, and those are fun people to make things for.

I found the edges were really rolling - even with a crochet border. Finally, in frustration I crochet the two edges together with a single crochet stitch. I may as well have double knit the piece! I was hoping to have it twice as wide, but the rolling and showing the wrong side just didn't appeal to me so I doubled it over.

She can wear it long over her coat, or doubled up if it it gets really chilly.

I had intended on making a couple more cowls for Christmas, but I am running out of time. This lap afghan I'm making my Dad for Christmas is taking a long time.  A really long time. I knit 10 rows this afternoon on the drive out to our cabin and it didn't really even make a dent. AACK - I have a goal to knit 50 rows this weekend and see if that brings me to the 1/2 way mark on the blanket. At this point, I'd be happy to be 1/3 done - as then I could see how much more I would have to do and could panic accordingly.  :-)

**Note, at this point I am not going to move my loom knit projects from Altered Scrapbooking over to this blog. If you are curious, look to the labels on the right side of that blog and you can click on Loom Knitting, or Knifty Knitter to see those earlier projects. 
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