Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Looms!

Last fall I ordered two looms from 'DA Looms' ... an afghan loom and an infinity loom. I had heard their processing took a long time and the knitting looms were going to be my Christmas gifts from my daughter and mom. They arrived just in time so I was glad I had placed my order so early.

I 've used the afghan loom several times for cowels etc - and I really like it. I took the infinity loom with us to Arizona last Spring and cast on an afghan for my Dad for his August Birthday. Well it is still on the loom and I'm afraid I have bitten off more than I can chew on that one. He may get it on his NEXT birthday!

At any rate, since I liked the quality of the looms I placed another order in February. By the end of March I hadn't heard anything and they were not responding to my emails. In April 'DA Looms' had closed up. They took my money in February, and never bothered to ship my looms. I was/am pretty upset at that. Thievery, as far as I'm concerned.

I was still in need of an infinity RAKE loom, but very wary of these small loom companies. Finally - I decided to take a chance on CinDWood Crafts after months of reading such good things about their company.

My new looms arrived this week, and I wanted to share how carefully they were packed. I somehow deleted the photo of the box they arrived in though - it was also carefully packed.  :-)

First up is the Infinity Rake. See the blue pegs? You don't wrap those when doing a double sided piece. This is going to come in VERY handy. It also has a peg that is supposed to slip into the center groove so you can 'loom knit in the round' in a huge variety of sizes. I haven't tried to figure that one out yet!

Next is the Adult Hat combo pack. I have already used the 2nd smallest on Ethan's 2nd bonnet, and am about to cast on a loom knit bonnet for Olivia. The grooves on the pegs aren't as deep as they are on a Knifty Knitter but after a few hundred stitches (haha) I hardly notice it anymore. The pegs are nice and secure and very smooth - both important for my loom knitting!

Yeah I know - that's a lot of looms. But shipping to Canada is EXPENSIVE and since I was going to pay it anyhow I decided to order several different looms/sizes at the same time so I don't have to choke on any  more shipping costs.

These looms are all 1/2" gauge and I didn't have any in that gauge.

This next loom is their 'afghan loom'. It's so big it hardly fits on the breakfast bar stool! I decided to try a cowl on it for a friend for Christmas, and I'm almost finished it. The loom is too big to work on in a vehicle, but I am really enjoying using it at home on the kitchen table.

Once the cowl is finished, I think I may try a car blanket for myself, using a pattern not yet decided on. I also have the yarn to make a couple more cowels for gifts this year, so my looms will be busy in the next two months!

Thanks for stopping by.

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