Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Christmas Hat

This is another one of the hats I made for last Christmas - this one was for our son's girlfriend.

This was loom knit before I started keeping track of such things in a notebook, but I know I did the lacy diamond stitch on the crown. I also did some decreasing at the crown so there is not so much bulk at the top when casting off.

I have another project on the go that is coming along nicely. A red project.  :-)  I tried to take a quick picture with my cell phone, but there is so much red that the phone camera couldn't pick it up - and the photo turned out such an awful orangy neon shade that I decided not to bother sharing it.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend though!
**Note, at this point I am not going to move my loom knit projects from Altered Scrapbooking over to this blog. If you are curious, look to the labels on the right side of that blog and you can click on Loom Knitting, or Knifty Knitter to see those projects.  
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