Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turquoise & Olive Lacy Scarflett

Here I am again, with yet ANOTHER Lacy Scarflett (pattern by Brenda Myers) - and this time the scarflett is for ME!  I used an olive/turqoise yarn from Wal-Mart - it is sooooooo soft and cozy. I love this thing and wore it almost every cold day I walked the dogs.

Instead of the three buttons down the one edge, I sewed the bottom corner together, then attached two buttons - one across from the other. With this yarn, it just seems to hang better this way. I can still unbutton one if I get too warm but it easily does back up if the wind picked up again.  This scarflett also works well for dashing in and out of stores.

I love making these, and made some as gifts last year since I find them so cozy and USEFUL.

Thanks for stopping by.

**Note, at this point I am not going to move my loom knit projects from Altered Scrapbooking over to this blog. If you are curious, look to the labels on the right side of that blog and you can click on Loom Knitting, or Knifty Knitter to see those projects. 

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