Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turquoise & Olive Hat

I made this hat to match the scarflett (see THIS post) and wore it almost every cold day last winter.  The brim of the hat is nice and wide, done with the garter stitch (1 row e-wrap and 1 row purl).  When the brim was wide enough, I switched to the knit stitch. That keeps the hat nice and warm, and allows a flat swath for the garter stitched brim to 'sit on'.

After that, I just sorta played with different stitch combinations for the rest of the hat. Again, I wish I had been using my notebook as I'd love to make this hat again - exactly the same!

I added a row of single crochet around the top of the brim and the bottom edge as well. The bottom one keeps the brim turned up at the right spot. Here is a picture of the set - my favourite colour aqua/teal. I only wish that the roving I used didn't look 'worn' so quickly. Ha - at least I learn something with every project I loom!

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**Note, at this point I am not going to move my loom knit projects from Altered Scrapbooking over to this blog. If you are curious, look to the labels on the right side of that blog and you can click on Loom Knitting, or Knifty Knitter to see those projects. 

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