Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Olivia's Doll Blanket

I finished Olivia's doll blanket, and will get a chance to give it to her this weekend. It turned out pretty cute!

It's about 20 x 20" square. I was running low on the yarn, since I was just using skeins from my stash, so I only did the crochet shell stitch at the top and bottom. Before the shell stitch, I did a single crochet border all the way around the blanket.

In addition to 'e-wrapping 3 pegs then purling one' I added a lacy diamond stitch row every so often. What can I say - I get bored easy.  :-)  The  Knit 3/ Purl 1 stitch sequence gives almost a scalloped edge, which was a nice surprise.

If I hadn't added that Lacy Diamond stitch - the blanket would be completely reversible. Something to keep in mind for another time. As it is, the back side is just fine - especially knowing that it is a TOY and 17 month old Olivia won't even notice if it is reversible or not.

This was a fun little project to work on ... easy, worked up fairly fast, and used up two skeins of yarn from my stash.

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  1. Very cute and I love the edge too. I might have to use that if I ever make a blanket.