Sunday, October 21, 2012

Olivia's Doll Blanket is started

I have got a good start on Olivia's doll blanket!

I made up the pattern stitch combination and it's one I will use again for sure!  I e-wrapped 3 pegs and purled 1 all the way around the loom, but was left with 4 pegs remaining. I thought about ignoring that last peg, but decided to give it a go a different way and just e-wrapped the final 4 pegs.

The first stitch on each row is slipped, so there is a nice, even edge on each side. I just continued the pattern of knitting 3 and purling one (except for the first three pegs on each row, where the first is slipped and the next two are e-wrapped) all around the loom. Because the peg count is different though, that purled stitch alternates places with each row. Each row ends with the final 4 pegs being e-wrapped.

It is still working up quickly, but doesn't have lots of 'holes' in it so it shouldn't get caught up in little doll hands.

Oh, and see the placemat? I picked these up at the local dollar store - they are non-skid and I use one to keep the loom from sliding around when I'm using it on a table.

Thanks for stopping by.

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