Saturday, October 13, 2012

Next Project(s)

First off, my Big News.  I finished my sweater!! I decided not to go with long or even 3/4 sleeves, and went with the cap sleeve option thinking it would be more like a vest that way. I really liked the body when I held it up, so went ahead and made the sleeves and got everything sewn together.

Ug.  I DO NOT like the sleeves at all. I don't like the way the neck works with the sleeves. I tried a single crochet border around the neck area - and it helped, but I still didn't like the sleeves.  So - I am going to have to take them off and convert the sweater to a sleeveless one. But I couldn't face it this weekend. I sewed those sleeves in really well!  I will work on it next week and get it finished off so I can post pictures and finally WEAR IT!

Secondly, Olivia loves Ethan's loomed blanket. I babysat the grandkids this week at their house, and of course couldn't wait to cover a sleeping Ethan with the blanket Gramma made him.  I had my phone close by and snapped this pic:

Olivia snagged the blanket as soon as Ethan woke up, and played & played with it. It was a doll blanket, it was a pillow for her, it was a cape, it was a bed ... so ... you know what I have to do now, ha ha.

I have some yarn in my stash and I'm going to loom knit smallish blanket for her to play with. As soon as I finish my hat!

I'm using the single Knifty Knitter purple loom - it is large, but the gauge is smaller on this one than the ones in the set. Two strands of Red Heart Shimmer. a garter stitch brim and the Lacy Diamond Stitch for the top of the hat (above the doubled up brim). I should be able to finish it this weekend, and considering the weather is turning colder I thought it was time for a simple black hat. The shimmer isn't too noticeable, but enough that I won't feel like I'm wearing a plain black hat.  :-)

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