Thursday, September 13, 2012

Triangle Scarf

Last fall, after knitting many MANY hats, and a few scarves & cowls I decided I was ready for something different. Something to keep my chest warm and something a little dressy.

I am SO proud of this scarf. I made up the pattern by myself and used a lovely soft artisan yarn from Knit & Caboodle in Canmore. 

I sure wish I kept a notebook and had this pattern written down in it - but I DO have a note book now so any future projects I loom knit I will be able to make again.

This is a double knit piece, and I started in the center - with increases on each side as I worked my way up. 

The ties are also double knit, were done separately and attached afterwards. I added a crochet border across the top, which is kind of loopy and adds a little interest. If I was to make this again though, I would eliminate the loopy look and instead do a simple single crochet row.

This keeps my neck SO nice and warm, and the yarn is really soft and cozy. I can tie it at the back and let the ties hang at my back, or twist them around in the back and bring them around to the front to tie off. That is why I made them as long as I did.

I had some yarn leftover, so added a fringe. That was exactly what the scarf needed - and the extra weight makes the scarf drape and hang very nicely.

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  1. Can you post pattern for this?

    1. I mention in the post that I made it up and didn't take any notes. But I do offer tips if that helps. I do keep notes now - I learned my lesson. If I wanted too make another one of these, I'd have to start from scratch.