Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweater In Progress

I mentioned the 'Swing Jacket' I was making in my last post, and I thought I'd share a photo of the work in progress:

I'm using 'Fiesta' Homespun yarn and  the largest loom  from the Knifty Knitter package (43 pegs). I have one side (shown) and the back finished, and have just started on the final side. Still sleeves to go - and I have to decide if I want long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or cap sleeves. At this point I'm leaning towards cap sleeves so it would be more like a vest than a sweater. With my hot flashes, sweaters are tooooooooo hot.  :-)

See the white tube next to the ball of yarn? Since a lot of the sweater is a simple e-wrap, I took apart a Bic pen, and use the hollow tube to wrap quickly and with a lot less stress on my wrist. Just one of the tips I've learned from the many talented loomers who post tips.

I was hoping to get a lot done on my sweater this weekend, but with our out-of-town guests and lots of visiting family - I never even took it out of the travel bag! Maybe next week ...

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  1. tout d'abord bravo à vous vôtre travail est remarquable

    J'aimerais savoir comment faire pour trouver tout vos model pour pouvoir apprendre es-qu'il existe une place pour voir vos explications s'il vous plait ? merci à l'avance

    1. Thank you! I purchased my pattern for this sweater here: