Monday, September 3, 2012

Pumpkin Hat

This year our new Grandson will be able to wear the Pumpkin Hat. I bought the yarn to make Olivia a Candy Corn hat this year, but she has decided she does not like hats. So there is really no point in making one, but I think I saw a pattern for a candy corn bag in one of the Loom Knitters Circle past issues. If I can find it I will work that up. Or make one up!

Meanwhile, this is the hat I made for Olivia last year ...

I used the e-wrap stitch throughout, and this lovely shade of orange yarn. Once again, I made the brim twice as long as I needed then brought the cast on edge back up inside the loom. You line up the stitches and put the cast on stitches back on the coordinating peg, so each peg has two loops on it. Knit over and you have a double knit brim that doesn't roll! Check out the many You Tube video's if you want more information on this technique.

Until recently, I didn't keep a notebook of my projects. And my memory just seems to come and go these days, ha ha. So I THINK I used the blue Knifty Knitter Loom (24 pegs), and one strand of the orange yarn. But since it wasn't super bulky, I likely double wrapped the pegs,  lifting the two bottom loops over the top one. I also remember I started decreasing the crowns very early on in my hat-making, so they didn't have that 'loom knit hat' look.  When I decided I was at the crown of the hat I was working on, I would move every 6th stitch over one peg, then skip that peg on the following rounds. After 3 rounds I would move every 3rd stitch over one peg, continue the last couple of rows then do the gather cast off.

I couldn't remember how to crochet the little spirals, even though we used to make bookworm bookmarks like crazy when my kids were little. Google helped with that, and I made a simple 3 peg i-corn for the stem.  Here is Olivia wearing the hat last year:

Oh yeah, she is one cute little pumpkin.

 Gramma says so.

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